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Time to Get Back on That Horse…

Oh My! I cannot believe that is has been so long since my last post. I have been busy but not so busy that I can use that as an excuse. It seems that a blog-once neglected-can be similar to my work out routine. That is, very hard to go back to. Anyway, I have been keeping up with reading. In fact, I feel as though i have had very productive beginning to 2011. I have a tendency to glom onto a single author series and then read them all in quick succession. Case in point, Suzanne Collins, Steig Larson, and Louise Penny.

I recently finished a wonderful and beautifully written novel. Someone Knows My Name by Lawrence Hill came highly recommended by A Life in Books and I suggested it to my sister Sue as she loves historical fiction. She loved it and handed it over to me once she had finished. This was probably the most beautifully written novel I have read in a long time. Such detail and care put into the language and descriptions of a such an ugly time in our history. I am trying to get my husband to read it and I will try to post an actual ‘review’ soon.

For now, I am trying to put a toe in the water and see if I can swim fully. As I stated last year, my goal is to read more, write more, and cook more. This is my place to document my progress. I am also in the process of starting a new business so that is taking up quite a bit of my time as well. I look forward to sharing my experiences.

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