The bootlegger’s daughter…

Another book from my Book Awards Challenge completed! I finished The Bootlegger’s Daughter by Margaret Maron weeks ago but I am just getting around to doing the write-up. March has been an incredibly busy month so far!

I enjoyed this book. It is the first in the Deborah Knott series of mystery/crime novels. Deborah is the main character who lives in a small North Carolina town. In the past, her father ran the biggest bootlegging business in the area. As a lawyer for the county, Deborah takes on the task of investigating an 18-year-old murder and surrounding mystery.

What I enjoyed about this novel is the deep character development beyond the central mystery. Many times mystery novels focus solely on the crime and nothing else. The result is that when the story ends, there isn’t anything to draw you back to the next one. Not so with Bootlegger. I want to know what happens next for Ms. Knott and I think I may find out on my flight later this month…this will be a good, light read.


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